Prof. Hannah Lewis – New Book Publication

UT Assistant Professor of Musicology and CAM board member, Dr. Hannah Lewis, has a new book published by Oxford University Press: ‘French Musical Culture and the Coming of Sound Cinema’.

Description from Oxford Press:  the transition from silent to synchronized sound film was one of the most dramatic transformations in cinema’s history, as it radically changed the technology, practices, and aesthetics of filmmaking within a few short years. In France, debates about sound cinema were fierce and widespread. In French Musical Culture and the Coming of Sound Cinema, author Hannah Lewis argues that the debates about sound film resonated deeply within French musical culture of the early 1930s, and conversely, that discourses surrounding a range of French musical styles and genres shaped audiovisual cinematic experiments during the transition to sound.

Recent Reviews:

“Lewis’s compelling book captures the excitement and trepidation with which filmmakers, composer, and critics greeted the arrival of synchronized sound film in France, correcting the film music scholarship that conflates Hollywood’s transition to synchronized sound film with Europe’s. —  Leslie Sprout, author of The Musical Legacy of Wartime France

“Hannah Lewis has made a hugely important contribution towards our understanding of the exciting period in the early 1930s when French filmmakers and musicians began to grasp the manifold cultural and aesthetic implications of the new synchronized sound technology.” —  Mervyn Cooke, Professor of Music at the University of Nottingham and author of A History of Film Music

Complete info from the publisher’s website here.

Cover of book: French Musical Culture and the Coming of Sound Cinema