UT Professors Present Research on Radio

October 21, 2013—

Byron Almén, Associate Professor of Music Theory, and James Buhler, Director of the Center for American Music and Associate Professor of Music Theory, will be attending the International Conference on Music Semiotics in Memory of Raymond Monelle on 26-28 October 2013. Professors Almén and Buhler will be presenting a paper entitled “‘To Everything There is a Season’: Topic Formation and Hearts of Space.” Hearts of Space 3D LogoHearts of Space is an American radio program, first broadcast in 1973 by KPFA-FM in San Francisco and currently syndicated on public radio stations across the United States. In their paper, Professors Almén and Buhler examine the pattern of seasonal programming for the show, abstracting from it the show’s semantic mapping of seasonal topics and their subcategories.