Center for American Music

Welcome to the Center for American Music. Please take a moment to explore our site, which includes course listings in American music for fall 2019 and information about who we are and what we do. The Center for American Music is located in the College of Fine Arts, Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin.

Society for Cinema Media Studies Conference 2019

Center for American Music board member and Assistant Professor of Musicology, Dr. Hannah Lewis, and CAM Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Eric Dienstfrey, recently delivered presentations at the The Society for Cinema Media Studies’s Annual Conference. The conference was held in Seattle, March 13-17 and featured an international lineup of scholars and artists. Their talks were titled: “Cinematic Expectations in the Live Television Musical” (Lewis), and, “Invisible by Design: Star Wars, the ISO, and the Adoption of Wide-Range Volume” (Dienstfrey). Full story here.

Prof. Hannah Lewis, portrait portrait of 2018-19 Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Eric Dientsfrey 

2019 UT Austin Graduate Music Conference: Music and Culture of the Americas, Saturday

CAM is excited to co-sponsor the 2019 Graduate Music Conference, Saturday, April 27, MRH 2.608 (Recital Studio) at Butler School of Music. The conference schedule features 12 paper presentations by graduate students from the across the U.S. and beyond. Keynote presentation by Ellie M. Hisama (Columbia University): “Lost Voices, Found Histories: On Silences and Soundings”. More info and official program here.

2019 graduate music conference title photo

New Book by Prof. James Buhler: Theories of the Soundtrack

Dr. James Buhler, Professor of Music Theory and Director of the Center for American Music, has a new book published by Oxford University Press. Theories of the Soundtrack is a first of its kind comprehensive investigation of soundtrack theory. More info here

cover of book: Theories of the Soundtrack

Concerts of American Music at BSOM:

View our calendar of upcoming concerts featuring music from across the Americas here

conductor leads the UT symphony orchestra

A Selection of Courses in American Music

Highlights of Fall 2019 course offerings in American music:

Lower Division

  • MUS 218J: Beginning Jazz Improvisation
  • MUS 307.1: Music of African Americans— This course carries a cultural diversity flag.
  • MUS 303M: Intro to Music in World Cultures— This course carries global cultures and writing flags.
  • MUS 307.2: History of Rock MusicThis course carries a cultural diversity flag.
  • MUS 307.3: Jazz AppreciationThis course carries a cultural diversity flag. 

Upper Division

  • MUS 220P: Practicum in World Music Traditions
  • MUS 228K: Beginning Jazz Piano Techniques
  • MUS 228L: Jazz Theory I
  • MUS 228P: Jazz Composition
  • MUS 334: Music of Mexico/Borderlands This course carries a global cultures and cultural diversity flags. 
  • MUS 334.2: Music of Latin America— This course carries a global cultures flag. 
  • MUS 379K: American Musical This course carries a writing flag.


  • MUS 380: Music of Latin America
  • MUS 380J 1: Foundations of Musicology
  • MUS 380J 2: Foundations of Ethnomusicology
  • MUS 385J: Creative Industries of the Global South
  • MUS 284P: Practicum in World Music Traditions
  • MUS 387L: Music of Mexico/Borderlands
  • MUS 387L: Jazz Ensemble Literature
  • MUS 388K: Project in Jazz Composition
  • ENS 105C: Jazz Combos
  • ENS 105E: Jazz Ensemble


  • ENS 105C / 185C: Jazz Combos
  • ENS 105E / 185E: Jazz Ensemble
  • ENS 207J / 185J: Jazz Orchestra
  • ENS 105M / 185M: Alt Improvisation Music Ensemble
  • ENS 106C / 186C: Conjunto Ensemble
  • ENS 106F / 186V: African American Vocal Ensemble
  • ENS 106K / 186K: Hispanic Caribbean Ensemble
  • ENS 106M / 186M: Mariachi Ensemble