Center for American Music

Welcome to the Center for American Music. Please take a moment to explore our site, which includes course listings in American music for fall 2018 and information about who we are and what we do. The Center for American Music is located in the College of Fine Arts, Butler School of Music at the University of Texas at Austin.

10/1 Lecture with Dr. Josh Shepperd: “Media Archival Studies: The Sound Archive as a Temporal Strategy of Discursive Emergence”

Upcoming talk with visiting scholar Dr. Josh Shepperd (Catholic University).  October 1st, 5pm @ Butler School of Music, MRH 3.114. More info here.

portrait, Dr. Josh Shepperd

Dr. Mark Durrand Lecture: “Experiencing Musical Vitality in Film’

Dr. Mark Durrand (The University of Akron) visits BSOM for a talk about his work exploring music and sound in film.  Friday, 4/27/18, 3:30pm @ MRH 2.610.  More info here

Concerts of American Music at BSOM:

Visit our calendar of upcoming concerts featuring music from across the Americas here

A Selection of Courses in American Music

Highlights of Fall 2018 course offerings in American music:

Lower Division

  • MUS 307.1: Music of African AmericansThis course carries a cultural diversity flag.
  • MUS 307: History of Film Music
  • MUS 307.2: History of Rock MusicThis course carries a cultural diversity flag.
  • MUS 307.3: Jazz AppreciationThis course carries a cultural diversity flag. 
  • MUS 218J: Beginning Jazz Improvisation

Upper Division

  • MUS 228P: Jazz Composition
  • MUS 228G: Jazz Theory I
  • MUS 334.1: Music of Mexico and the Caribbean This course carries a global cultures flag. 
  • MUS 376G: US Music / Religious Identity This course carries writing and cultural diversity flags.


  • MUS 380: Music of Mexico and the Caribbean
  • MUS 381J -1: Foundations of Musicology
  • MUS 381J -2: Foundations of Ethnomusicology
  • MUS 385J: Special Problems in Musicology and Ethnomusicology: Music, Sound and Technology
  • MUS 387L: Jazz Ensemble Literature
  • MUS 387L: 20th Century Chamber Music
  • MUS 388J: Improv Styles and Techniques
  • MUS 388K: Project in Jazz Composition
  • MUS 388M: Contemporary Styles and Techniques