Center for American Music

Field of BluebonnetsWelcome to the website for the Center for American Music. Please take a moment to explore the site, which includes course listings in American music for Spring 2016 and information about who we are and what we do. The Center for American Music is located in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

What makes music scary? Listen to the Oxford University Press podcast, Oxford Comment, as host Sara Levine speaks with Center for American Music director Jim Buhler about music in horror films. The interview with Professor Buhler starts at 28:05.

Professor Buhler comments on Bond songs, in this article that appeared on the Braniac blog at the Boston Globe.

A Selection of Courses in American Music
Spring 2016

Highlights of Spring 2016 course offerings in American music:

Lower Division

  • MUS 307.1: Music of African AmericansThis course carries a cultural diversity flag.
  • MUS 307.2: History of RockThis course carries a cultural diversity flag.
  • MUS 307.3: Jazz AppreciationThis course carries a cultural diversity flag. 

Upper Division

  • MUS 228L: Jazz Theory II
  • MUS 334.1: Music of Mexico and the CaribbeanThis course carries a global cultures flag.
  • MUS 337: Music and Film SoundThis course carries a writing flag.
  • MUS 342.5: Black Perspective in Jazz.
  • MUS 343J: History of Jazz


  • MUS 385J: Music of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • MUS 385J: Opera and Cinema